Surprise Your Lady With These 11 Unusual Gifts On International Women’s Day

Guys, this is your best chance to please your special lady and make her yours forever this International Women’s Day on March 8!
Women are known to be the perfect sculpture of tenderness, wisdom, and care. For them, the world celebrated International Women’s Day, to appreciate their efforts in making our lives better in every human way possible. So why not treat them in the way they rightfully deserve.

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Here are a few ideas for unusual gifts you can present to your lady love this International Women’s Day.

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This one is really easy and inexpensive. You can get your beloved a personalized gift card, where you can put her photograph on that gift card or gift voucher.
All you need to do is Go to the Home Page Banner, chose the preferable brand voucher and then get the personalized image. It’s the least you could do for the love of your life, to make her fell special every time she looks at that gift.


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Let’s not think about how YOU are the one that makes her feel special, but some other little things in life are equally important for a women’s happiness.
Plan a day out with her, treat her like a queen, relive those moments that made you fall in love with them at the first place.

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This could be the best gift for your ‘health and fitness freak’ lovely lady, a dance, and yoga workshop where she can spend hours doing what she loves the most, stay fit!


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How could a girl ever deny for something she wishes to have the depth of her soul, a nice full day in a 5-star spa lounge. Surprise her with the best spa treatment and let herself get a pampering massage to relax her mind and soul.

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Come ‘on guys! Do we really need to say anything more than that? A girl’s first love is shopping, and getting offers and discount vouchers are like putting a cherry on the top of her favorite cake.
Many branded stores are offering 40% and above discounts from March 2, especially for Women’s Day.


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Although, custom clothing is becoming common by the day, but it still is a great idea for a gift. From the size, fit and the design, you get to choose everything for your girl and send your heartfelt message through it.

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Women always, always, always loves to wear and collect jewelry, so it is important to take care of them to get a nice box for storing them. Retro boxes are the new in trend for keeping their precious jewelry.
They come in every size, color, and style. Restored, contemporary or ancient, just pick her favorite and present her with an elegant piece of jewelry.


A special music portal has tied up with giftkarting.com, where you can gift your special lady the free subscription to unlimited downloading of the songs of her choice, for an entire month.

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There are all kinds of jewelry pieces available out there in the market, but nowadays, rings are making a bold statement for a women’s complete appearance.
Be it feminine ring, cuff ring, fantasy ring or the four-finger ring, they are all representing bold beauty statements for our lovely ladies all around the world.

If your special lady is a dedicated house woman, then what could possibly be better than gifting her a special set from the collection of kitchen Knick Knacks, and impress her with your admiration for all the hard work she does to keep your home in a healthy shape.

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Any cosmetic product is sure to lighten up your lady’s face instantly, be it make-up products or luxurious silver-plated or silver-sterling hair combs. After all, your hair is what brightens up your personality, so why not give them a little royal touch with luxurious hair combs.

You can also share your ideas of how you would like to celebrate this Women’s Day with your special someone, comment in the box below.

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