The Giordani Golden Bronzing Pearls from Oriflame Review

Product Claims…

Oriflame has come out with its wonderful bronzing pearls. They come in five hues of very beautiful and sun kissed colors. Your skin gets instant glow and glamour after applying this. This can be used as bronzer or a blush on your eyes and your face. The pearl ranges from golden shimmer to dark brown to light brown 

The Giordani Golden Bronzing Pearls from Oriflame Review

Price Comparison….

This set of bronze pearls can be availed at 890 bucks. The amount of pearls will be 25 grams. It’s not at all much if you will see the quality and its glamorous effects over your face and beautiful eyes. You can always look for more edition of oriflamme as they keep on coming with offers and discounts. 

My Experience….

See, I wasn’t really into blushes and all. I used to be very simple. It was just few months back only when my aunt, an oriflamme consultant, gave me these pearls for trial. When I applied it, it was like powwow!!! After seeing the effect of this bronze blush, I actually fell in love with this product. Now, I prefer using these pearls whenever and wherever I think they will look the best. I have become a great fan of this brand.

Photos and Swatches…. 

What I like about this product…

  • The packaging of this product is really very attractive. It comes in a jar with that sponge in order to protect the pearls from any mess.
  • It gives a matte look. You will not find any shimmer in it when you will see it. These pearls actually give a metallic and a very sexy radiant look.
  • It’s highly very easy to use.
  • You can get a heavy pigmented look by applying it in double coats.
  • It has a good staying power. It stays for at least 3 hours which I guess, Is wonderful.
  • Have multiple uses. You can use it as your eye shadow too. Do it your way!!

What I do not like about this product…

  • Ummm….this is something tough because till date I have not been able to make out anything about these pearls which I do not like. So…….it’s the best!! 🙂

Needless to say, you should surely go for it. If you are not buying this, you are missing out on something really great and fantastic.

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