These Bollywood Divas Flaunt the Latest Trend of Full-Sleeves Blouse

No matter how simple a saree is, but if the blouse is designer and embellished, it adds charm to the saree. If you explore the market any day, you will see there are so many varieties of blouses you can wear with your saree. The demand of stylish blouses is even more than the stylish sarees. These stylish blouses are becoming the cult favourite of every woman in India. Among this trend, the full-sleeves blouses are getting much popular. Ranging from a household woman to a Bollywood actress, you can see every woman wearing full sleeves blouse. These blouses are a life saver when you have to attend a function during the winters. You can get your sleeves designed according to your will.

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The full sleeves blouses have regained their glory these days. And these designer blouses are being endorsed by none other than our beautiful divas. You can wear full sleeves blouses even during the summers. But the truth is otherwise. The designers choose the fabric accordingly. If you’re having unwaxed hands, then these blouses can be a true saviour to you.

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1. Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone is looking ravishing in this full sleeves blouse with a red saree. The blouse is embroidered with silver threads and the motifs on the sleeves impart a unique look to the saree. This wide-bordered saree is complementing the embroidered full sleeves blouse.

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2. Vidya Balan
If you’re a saree lover, you can’t ever ignore the style statement of Vidya Balan. She’s looking drop dead gorgeous in her magenta coloured saree and full sleeves black blouse. This blouse might seem old-fashioned to you, but if you wear this with bright coloured saree, it will complement your look. The blouse is plain, devoid of any embroidery. But if you’re a curvy woman, this blouse will highlight your figure.

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3. Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra stole the limelight in the whole show when she made her entry in a black saree and a full sleeves blouse. The sleeves of her blouse are made of the net with black embroidery on it. The blouse has a deep neckline, so if you’re bit on a bustier side, then you can wear this blouse. The black saree with golden border is looking classy yet elegant on Piggy Chops. You can steal the fashion sense for any of your night time parties.

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4. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
The beauty queen is looking like a real queen in this black saree with golden embroidery. As you can see that the embroidery is on the heavier side, so the blouse is simple with just a little embroidery on her sleeves. You can wear heavily embroidered saree with a plain full sleeves blouse.

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5. Kajol
Kajol looks beautiful in every attire she dons. But this grey coloured saree with a full sleeved elegant blouse is casting a different spell on her splendour. If you see, the main attraction of her complete attire is her blouse. The net sleeves and neckline are complementing her dusky skin tone.

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