Emotions either break you or make you. But there’s no getting away from them. you can use your emotions positively or negatively. Your emotions can either uplift you or cause stress, which further leads to overeating and slow metabolic rate. So here are few emotions and how they are making you fat.

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1. Disappointment
If you’re disappointed in your life regarding your work, family or relationships, then chances are that you’ll turn into binge eating to overcome the stress. People consider chocolates and other desserts to be the ‘comfort foods’ to ease out the stress. But else are they doing? Making you fat!

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2. Boredom
Often we’re confused whether we’re hungry or just bored. We confuse one for the other. Instead of munching on wafers, spend some time on your hobby. Distract your mind from food. Your aim should be to do something productive. Go out for a walk or play Pokémon GO!

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3. Fear and Panic
The best way to get rid of your fear is to face it. Acknowledge the existence of fear and jot it down. Your fear can be a reason why you binge eat in order to distract yourself from the trigger.

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4. Loneliness
When you’re alone you don’t have many things to spend your time. You watch movies and Netflix with a large pizza in your hands. socialize a bit or join a gym. This way you can make new friends while paying some attention to your body. You can also join a sports club if you’re not interested in gymming.

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