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This Famous Bollywood Celebrity Recently Made The Best Donation For Charity Foundations

Though there are numerous charity foundations in our country, it still is fighting and suffering from the very basic problem, poverty and hunger, why? This is one question that will probably never find a satisfying answer, or solutions for the problem itself.

But it is not hidden that Bollywood celebs have been supporting social causes since the beginning. So, in this article, top 5 Bollywood celebrities are listed, who has put endless efforts to make the social causes worldwide. They make the best donations and provide personal services wherever possible, to help the people associated with the charity foundations.

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Let’s check out who are the 5 celebs doing their best to raise the social awareness and spread it worldwide.

1. Salman Khan At His ‘Being Human’ Charity Foundation

It is known to all that the great ‘Bhai Jaan’ aka Salman Khan owns and runs the charity foundation ‘Being Human’. With his foundation, he is helping underprivileged children to get a better education and living across the nation. Apparently, he has adopted many villages in Maharashtra and various outside states till date. In a recent announcement, he said that he will collect charity by selling paintings and use it for the betterment of the kids.

Salman Khan At His ‘Being Human’ Charity FoundationImage Source: 

2. Akshay Kumar At His Martial Arts Academy For Women And Various Uncountable Charities

Akshay’s list for supporting social causes is very long, and he has been an active socialite for quite a long time now. Bollywood’s ‘Khiladi’ is not only humble and down to earth as a person, but he makes his best efforts to help the poor and needy as much as he could. Starting a few main events where Akshay never thought twice before donating to the charity foundations includes 1 crore to Chennai Flood Relief, 90 lakhs to Maharashtrian drought-hit farmer’s families, 3, 60,00 for YODA foundation, and 50 lakhs to Being Human foundation. Let’s not forget his Martial Arts academy for women, where over 4000 women have been trained by now.

Akshay Kumar At His Martial Arts Academy For Women And Various Uncountable CharitiesImage Source: 

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3. Deepika Padukone At Her ‘The Live Love Laugh Foundation’

After battling and surviving depression, Deepika found the charity foundation ‘The Live Love Laugh Foundation’, to help spread awareness about and fighting with depression, and other psychological disorders. She is the brand ambassador of Indian Psychiatry Society NGO and raised money for over 80 NGOs from taking part in 10K Bangalore Marathon. Not to forget that Deepika has adopted a Maharashtrian village named Ambegaon, to help it develop.

Deepika Padukone At Her ‘The Live Love Laugh Foundation’Image Source: 

4. Priyanka Chopra At Her ‘The Priyanka Chopra Foundation for Health and Education’

Priyanka has well earned her name and fame around the world. And since 2006, she is actively participating in and running charity events. PC even has her own charity foundation called ‘The Priyanka Chopra Foundation for Health and Education’, which supports and provides education for the underprivileged children, from PC’s 10% annual income included in it. She is also an active member and a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF and has pledged to donate her organs after death.

Priyanka Chopra At Her ‘The Priyanka Chopra Foundation for Health and Education’Image Source: 

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5. Sonam Kapoor At ‘Cuddles Foundation’

Sonam, being our nation’s biggest fashionista, has tied up with Pernia Qureshi’s Pop Shop, to donate her few outfits and raise the charity for the Smile Foundation. She is also the brand ambassador of the charity foundation, Cuddles Foundation, which supports the to fulfill the nutritional needs of cancer affected children. She has been spotted at the TATA Memorial Hospital many times, spending quality time with the kids there.

Sonam Kapoor At ‘Cuddles Foundation’Image Source:

Now you know that our actors are not only good at acting but they are even better are serving for the social causes and the betterment of the society.

Don’t hesitate and become a part of their or any charity foundation to donate and promote the social causes in India. Learn from them and reach out the people who might need your help.

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