Dieting is about eating a well-balanced diet which is tailor made for you keeping in mind your daily activities, body type, weight loss goal, etc. But one thing is for sure that it definitely does not mean starving yourself.

If you want to restrict your diet to lose weight, then the best thing that you can do is visit a dietician who can create a diet chart for you so that you can easily lose weight that too without harming your body. If you already didn’t know then let me tell you that extreme dieting has a lot of ill effects on your health. Below we have mentioned some of them so as to make you more aware. Here are they:

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1. Fatigue- As I mentioned earlier a majority of people are not even aware of what dieting is actually. Most of the people who start dieting blindly cut off all the essential food items from their diet in the hope of losing some weight. But instead of losing weight the body starts to get lethargic and experience fatigue, irritation and untimely food cravings.

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2. Slow metabolism- When you are on an extreme diet your calorie intake decreases drastically. When the body does not get fuel (food) to function the metabolism of the body slows down thus making you feel lethargic. In fact, this slow metabolism may even make you put on weight even with the little Food that you are eating.


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3. Disturbed digestion – A proper digestion not only depends on the digestive juices which are produced by our stomach but also on the food that we eat. The acids and fibre that we get from various foods items not only aid in proper digestion but also help in flushing out the waste from our body efficiently. In the absence of these acids and fibre, the digestion process of our body may slow down causing bloating and constipation.

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4. Nutritional deficiencies-An extreme dieter often forgets that it is very important to consume all the essential nutrients in a required quantity in order to stay healthy and fit. Cutting out carbohydrates or fats completely from your diet may lead to severe nutrient deficiencies which may then lead to several health issues.


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5. Low blood sugar- If you are on an extreme diet then you are definitely on a carb free diet and try to eat as less sugar as possible. But that means you are not aware of the fact that carbohydrates are very important for our body as the energy required by our body is mainly derived from carbs. It also causes low blood sugar level making you feel tired and weak.

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6. Eating disorders- Though extreme dieting falls under the category of eating disorders, but if you continue it for an extended period of time it may also result in anorexia or bulimia. The worst part about eating disorder is that it is very difficult to get back to your original self, as it is not only a physical but also a psychological disorder.

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