Monsoon can be here anytime, and the newspaper will be flooded with the news of dengue outbreak in our country. When the rain water collects around the open areas, it is the perfect time for the mosquitoes to breed. This gives rise to upturn in the cases of dengue. One of the major causes of dengue being such a serious disease in our country is that, we lack proper vaccinations and medications to treat this condition.

For those who’ve been affected by dengue fever, it can be cured with the help of this natural remedy. You can consume Papaya leaves to cure dengue fever. The recent researches have revealed that papaya leaves have the potency to cure deadly dengue disease.

Dengue1Image Source: vice

Here are some ways in which you can consume papaya leaves to cure dengue.

1. Take some fresh papaya leaves and wash them. Papaya leaves are packed with lots of vitamin C which boosts our immune system. Plus, it also contains an enzyme called Carpaine, which increases the blood platelet count. As you must be knowing, our platelet counts are the most affected by this deadly disease.

2. After washing the leaves, grind the leaves in a grinder. Do not add water to it. Squeeze the leaves to extract the juice. Strain the juice using a cloth. Consume 8-10 ml of this juice twice a day.

3. If you find the papaya juice too bitter to be consumed then you can add some jaggery to it and then consume it.

Don’t drink water immediately after that. Our platelet count will increase with the help of this home remedy. Papaya juice boosts up the platelet count as well as our immunity to fight the disease.

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