Tips and Tricks for Long-Wished-For, Healthy Locks

A very famous quote about beauty is “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”. However, if we take it from the viewpoint of ‘appearance’, we have to carry out some extra efforts in order to attract the eyes of the beholder. Hair is one of the many noticeable features in ladies. In fact, our hair can make heads turn; the way we deal with our tresses says many things about our style quotient and grooming habits too. Speaking particularly of women, each female is naturally beautiful! However, the additional hair care tricks and methods for healthy hair can enhance the natural beauty which ladies already possess.

Marketing strategies about the ‘care for hair’ products make us feel like having more, especially when we believe that we are being deprived of the splendor flaunted by the hot celebrities and models. Keeping manes in healthy condition is the least we can do in order to make them appear magnificent. Here are the tricks for all who have been feeling low due to their everyday, ‘Bad Hair Days‘!

Know & Love your hair!

Summers make hair oily; winters make them dry and monsoons make hair frizzy. Seasons after seasons, hair bears a lot. Knowing the type of hair is the first step towards hair improvement and care. Loving hair can in turn assist you in taking full-fledged care of hair. Hair is actually the body’s dead cells, but it is the major thing we fuss over. Ironic statement, but true!

Right Diet for Long-Wished-For Hair!

You need not to spend a fortune on excruciatingly overpriced hair care items and products for healthy hair. You just have to eat right! Yes, it is proven that growth of hair is directly or indirectly related to the quantity of nourishment being given to body. In case you are surviving on junk or packed food, then your hair will also look like they are feeding on the same. Adding essential minerals, vitamins, vegetables and minerals will go a long way in the journey of getting beautiful hair.

Steer Clear of Using Harsh Chemical-Based Products

The foremost and in fact the most indispensable step that we have to carry out in the quest to attain natural healthy hair is to limit or rather, completely avoiding products which contain harsh chemicals. When overused, these chemicals do more harm than doing good. They make your tresses dry, lifeless, limp, coarse to touch and dull to look at!

Don’t Overuse Shampoos

No doubt, shampooing hair to get full head of manes is good, but doing it daily can cause too much loss of hair. Doing shampoo twice or even thrice a week is an ideal approach for the proper hair hygiene. Your hair shows a character of its own and using inapt tricks will sabotage it.

Scalp Massage for Fabulous Tresses

Massaging scalp with the use of essential oils can help in blood circulation and thus, making roots stronger. You can make a concoction of hibiscus oil, coconut oil and almond oil, followed by somewhat warming the amalgamation.

Manage the Stress Levels

Stress is the chief triggering factor which can stunt the growth of hair. Being stressed up from day-to-day routine or being under work pressures is quite obvious, but making the stress levels managed is the key to shun the ill effects. Practicing meditation and yoga is a wonderful, age-old trick to cope up with stress.

Living in dry climates, long exposure to sun, and long-drawn-out exposure to air-conditioned dehumidifiers or environs can steal the hair’s sheen. Still if you are not at all trying to make an impression on opposite sex, you have to take complete care of hair to avoid appearing like a hobo when you see your reflected image. Remember a subtle tweak to your outer shell can accentuate your entire beauty!

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