7 Common Questions On How To Apply Highlighter


The highlighter is something that we use to add definition to your makeup look and give a dewy look on the face. It is not applied all over the face, while it is applied on the few parameters of the face which are more exposed to the sun like cheekbones, forehead etc. But before buying and applying this amazing cosmetic, there are several things that are needed to be answered regarding highlighter.

So, here is the list of common questions that people ask about how to apply it:

1. Best highlighter to buy?

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Well, your selection should be based on your skin tone and complexion like

• If you have fair complexion then you can use an icy colour which also has pink undertones.
• And if you have sallow skin then use pink toned ones.
• At last, who have dark skin, use warm golden tones.

2. How can I apply highlighter on the forehead?

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Well, for this first you need to take a scoop of it and then dab it in the centre with the middle of your eyebrows as the mid part of the forehead is exposed more to the sunlight. So, drag it to the sides.

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3. How to apply liquid highlighter on the face?

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If you want to use the liquid highlighter on face then use it after applying foundation and concealer. And for using it you need to use blending sponge. You just need to follow a simple trick, put dots on the different parameter of your face and then blend it using the sponge.

4. How to apply powder highlighter?

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For applying powdered highlighter always use medium and angled synthetic brush. Just dab the brush directly into it and apply on your face by blending it.

5. How to find which highlighter suits my skin tone?

How-to-find-which-highlighter-suits-my-skin-toneImage Source: imgix

• Cream highlighters go well with the normal and combination skin tone.
• Powder highlighter works perfectly for the people with oily skin.
• And at last, liquid highlighter suits best to dry skin and to those who live in cold regions.

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6. How to apply highlighter around eyes?

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If you want to apply highlighter around your eyes, then start with the inner corners of your eyes and then blend it under the brow line. You can use eye highlighter brush for this purpose.

7. How to apply highlighter on lips?

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Well, this is something that most of us don’t know. But you can use highlighter around your lips too. For this, you need to apply it before putting on lipstick. And for a dimensional effect apply a touch of it over your lip colour.