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7 Useful Hacks That Will Help You Fight Seasonal Allergies

The season of a particular place is subject to its geographical locations. Tropical countries like India experience 4 seasons, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter. Every changing season have their own pons and cons when it comes to health. And with the arrival of different seasons, various seasonal allergies come in action like itchy eyes, cold, headache etc. apart from heat and cold related diseases.

But do you guys know that you can combat these seasonal allergies by following these simple hacks which are suitable for all the seasons?

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In this article we are going to share some simple hacks that one can follow to avoid seasonal allergies:

1. Wash your hands properly

Wash your hands properlyImage Source: 

This is the most common thing that we heard since our childhood but still neglect it. Always ensure that your hands are washed properly because there are chances that you might get allergies from outside.

2. Never skip your medications

Never skip your medicationsImage Source: 

Never forget to take or skip the medicines prescribed by your doctors because it will later harm your health.

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3. Keep doors and windows shut

Keep doors and windows shutImage Source: 

If you frequently suffer from allergies during spring when pollen is discharged into the air then try to keep your house’s windows and doors shut to avoid allergies. And cover your face with a mask while commuting.

4. Take probiotics

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According to many studies, probiotics like probiotic supplements, yogurt are very helpful in boosting the immunity and thus helps in combating seasonal allergies.

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5. Consume foods rich in vitamin C

Consume foods rich in vitamin CImage Source: 

Try to include more vitamin C foods in your diet as it helps in boosting your immunity and also combats allergies.

6. Rely more on natural and herbal remedies

Rely more on natural and herbal remediesImage Source: 

It is believed that herbal and natural remedies are very effective for seasonal allergies. So, give it a try after consulting your doctor.

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7. Spend less time outdoors

Spend less time outdoorsImage Source: 

Try to avoid spending more time outside in the season in which you are more prone to allergies. So, try doing this as much as possible.

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