Top 12 Health & Beauty Benefits Of ‘Super-Food’ Cucumber

Cucumbers are one of the favorite veggie that Indians love to include in all their meals like sandwiches, salads, curds, and some even make a dish of cucumber, for their love of it.

Unaware of cucumber’s amazing benefits for your health and skin, you simply love to eat this green veggie that has more than 90% water content and essential nutrients in it. We start to include cucumbers as soon as summer arrives, but now it is the time that you must get aware of its benefits before you consume it for the next time.

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So, let’s take a glance on some amazing and effective benefits of this water-licious veggie with multiple uses for health and beauty.

1. Reduces Tanning From Your Skin Effectively

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With slight bleaching properties, cucumbers are great for removing the sun tan from your skin. Even skin burns can be treated with cucumber paste.

2. Improves Your Complexion After Single Use

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If you want radiant and glowing skin at home instantly, then cucumber is the vegetable that you must be looking for. Simple grate one cucumber and squeeze out its juice in a bowl. Apply this juice on your skin and leave it on for 10 minutes at least. Wash off with cold water and get an instant glow.

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3. Helps to Reduce And Prevent Acnes And Blemishes

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To reduce your acne marks and blemishes, mix cucumber juice and lemon juice and then apply it on the affected area. There will be no immediate result, but you will see the visible difference in a week.

4. Acts As A Great Anti-Aging Ingredient For Your Skin

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Cucumbers contain lutein and beta-carotene, which helps your skin to fight off with those free-radicals, that causes the early aging.

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5. Reduces The Puffiness Under Eyes

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The caffeic acid and vitamin C present in the cucumber helps to reduce the skin irritation and puffiness under the eyes. Put chilled cucumber slices on your eyes and see the difference after 15 minutes.

6. Treats Those Chlorine-Damaged Hair After Swimming

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No matter how much you protect your hair while going for a swim, they get damaged with that chlorine water of the pool anyhow. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Simply use this homemade conditioner using cucumber to prevent your hair from the chlorine damage, the next time you go for a swim.

Take 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1 cucumber and 1 egg and blend then all together. Apply the blended mixture on your mane and tresses and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off using plain water.

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7. Effectively Tackles Your Cellulite Problem

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Let those watery cucumbers be your go-to food, if you want to tackle with your cellulite problem. Include cucumbers in your daily diet and you can also rub cucumber slices on the problem area as well.

8. Amazing Ingredient For Losing Weight

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Cucumbers have the highest content of nutrients and the dietary fibres amongst all other veggies. So they make a perfect ingredient in losing weight effectively without having to lose any essential nutrients from your body.

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9. Say Bye To That Bad Breathe

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Cucumber has phytochemicals which help to fight off the bad breath causing bacteria. All you need to do is cut a medium width slice of cucumber and hold it onto the roof of your mouth, using your tongue to do so. Keep it held for at least 30 seconds and then you will instantly feel the difference.

10. Magical Cure For Your Hangover

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Cucumbers have natural electrolytes, sugar and vitamin B, so it is suggested that you eat them before going to bed. This will help reduce your headache and help you get rid of the last night’s merrymaking hangover.

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Aren’t these reasons enough for you to go and grab this super-food this instant and getting started to reap the amazing benefits of cucumbers. Share your idea, if any, to helping others get better health and skin at home.

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