Top 4 Wedding Makeup Looks For Beginners To Try

Wedding season is one of the best times for the makeup lovers. This is when you can try out very dramatic looks which you cannot try on a day to day basis. If you are a beginner and want to experiment with different and new looks then this is the perfect time. Even if you go a little overboard with your makeup no one is going to point you out since it is festive season. Here are the top 4 festive makeup looks for beginners to try.

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1. Smokey eye- Smokey eye makeup look is one of the classics is never going to be out of style. Apart from being a classic, it is also one of the most basic types of eye makeup. But beginners should not go for a very dark smokey eye makeup. Avoid using black if it is your first time trying this eye makeup look. Depending on your choice or the outfit you are wearing select the eye shadows. You need at least 3-4 eyeshadows to create the perfect smokey eye look. Here is how you can achieve the perfect smokey eye look.

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2. Red lips- Another classic which is never out of style. If you are sporting a red lip colour you are automatically put into the spotlight. But you need a lot of guts to sport this lip colour especially if you are a beginner. Along with that you also need some tips to get that pout perfect. Start with scrubbed and moisturised lips. Line your lips with a red lip liner and then apply a matching red lipstick with a lip brush, inside the lined area. Blot the lips with a tissue and you are done. Choose a red lip colour which suits you and you are comfortable carrying.

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3. Gold eyeshadow- Gold and festive season go hand in hand. A little bling on your eyes will only add to the festivity and will look very glamourous. Start with primed eyes and define your crease with a brown eyeshadow. Apply the golden eyeshadow onto the lid and blend it with the crease eyeshadow. Define your browbone with a nude flesh-toned eyeshadow and you are done with the festive golden eye makeup look.

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4. Contouring- This single step can change your entire face. It can make your round face look chiselled and sharp. Once you are done with the base makeup you can start with the contouring. Since here we are especially about the beginners, all you need is a bronzing powder to get the job done. Apply the bronzer lightly just below the cheekbone in an upward sweeping motion taking the bronzer to the temple area. Apply some bronzer on the hairline too if you have a bread forehead. Do rest of the makeup as it is.

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