Top 5 Controversies Of BAYWATCH Star Priyanka Chopra

The great former Miss World and now BAYWATCH star, Priyanka Chopra, has never left media’s attention to make headlines and controversies till date. From her undoubting success in Bollywood and Hollywood to her most dreaded controversial affairs with Bollywood’s most famous married actors, Pee Cee has always been the media’s favorite to drag into their controversial fuss.

With fame come controversies, and the responsibilities to handle them well and lose your cool during such a delicate period. So, did Pee Cee proved that nothing can stop her, no controversy or fans throwing foul comments on her social media accounts. Pee Cee has planned a long way to go into the direction of success and never look back.

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But we can, here are top 5 controversies of Priyanka Chopra, that will leave you stunned and shocked that even after all that Pee Cee has been thru, she is deserves where she is standing today!

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1. The Armpit Controversy
The memory of this armpit controversy is still fresh amongst us all. The uncanny cleared armpits on the cover of MAXIM magazine. Although, it’s quite impossible to have such clear armpits, and the world leaped at the chance to body shame Pee Cee, even then, she successfully trolled this crazy debate on social media with slamming another pic on the trollers’ face.

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2. The Epic Comeback
The world is very well aware of the classic rivalry between Pee Cee and Bebo. And not to forget the epic episodes of Koffee With Karan, where our lovely big-mouthed and blunt Kapoor kudi, Kareena rhetorically asked, “I wonder where she gets that accent from?”.

Now, how can you expect our Junglee Billi to have kept her mouth shut, so she dramatically replied that she got it from the same place Saif does.

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3. The Mary Kom Controversy
Though the movie was a huge success, Mary Kom also brought another hit of controversy for Pee Cee. It was questioned time and again, to why Priyanka was chosen to act as a Northeast Indian character, right after her ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pics of Mary Kom getup were revealed.

Accused of cultural chauvinism, Pee Cee’s this roleplay gave birth to an unnecessarily huge controversy.

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4. The Alleged Akshay Kumar Affair
The shooting of Aitraaz was the blooming point of Priyanka and Akshay’s love affair. Though our Khiladi and Pee Cee did not have any problems in having an extramarital love affair, but Mrs. Khiladi did definitely had Aitraaz from the duo’s romance.

Right from this controversy, Twinkle BANNED Akshay from doing any movie with Priyanka, ever!

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5. Another Homewrecker Rumour
The on-screen chemistry between King Khan & Pee Cee was smoking hot during the shoot of Don 2, but did you know that the duo had an off-screen shocking understanding as well, that completely shook Bollywood. What really happened between the two is not clear till date, but it certainly didn’t look good.

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