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Top 5 Tips To Sport Lustrous Locks In Humid Monsoon

It is very common for the girls who have naturally frizzy and dull hair, to face disastrous hair situations in Monsoon. But, a few tricks here and a few tips there, and you can flaunt those lustrous locks in a jiffy.

Now that the Monsoon has almost arrived, most of you pretty ladies must be struggling to tackle with your frizz in such a humid weather. And you face this same situation, every time you go for vacationing at some humid destination.

These are the signs that you are not giving your hair the proper and essential care that they need. Your hair gets frizzy and dull when they lack the essential nourishment and moisture. And the humid weather makes the situation worse for your hair.

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In this article, you will read about 5 best ways that you can get and flaunt your lustrous locks even in Monsoon.

1. Olive Oil Massage For Naturally Moisturized Scalp & Hair

When has oiling ever damaged your mane or scalp? So, what could you think of being better than giving your lustrous locks some natural nourishment of oil massage? Try giving your tresses a gentle olive oil massage at least 3-4 times in a week. Oil your hair at night, then shampoo and condition them the next morning using mild products.

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2. Hair Packs For Controlling The Frizz

Curly hair is naturally frizzy and they are more susceptible to getting damaged easily. It is essential that you give them some extra care and external protection from the high precipitation. There are number of packs available in the market that can help sooth your lustrous locks without damaging them and prevent them from the frizz this monsoon.

Hair Packs For Controlling The Frizz
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3. No More Heat-Styling Your Lustrous Locks

Styling tools rip your hair from their essential moisture and nutrition, and leave them more dull and frizzy, and not to mention, with irreparable damage at times. So, it is best that you avoid using styling tools in Monsoon if you wish to keep your lustrous locks healthy and frizz-free.

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4. Improvise Your Look For An Easy-Breezy Updo

The messy bun is one of the trendiest and the easiest hairstyle that you can make in just a few seconds, without any stylish tool and much efforts to put in. This simple hair updo will protect your lustrous locks from any damage and a frizz-free hairstyle too.

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5. Homemade Hair Packs For The Frizz Rescue

Not to state the obvious, but home remedies are always better than any product bought from the market. The best hair pack that will leave you with lustrous locks is to make with three simple kitchen ingredients, yogurt, eggs and banana. This will naturally nourish your scalp and tresses, and give your frizz-free smooth hair.

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Follow this simple haircare regime and we are sure you will fall in love with your hair and will no more complaint about the oh-so-amazing Monsoon weather ruining your lustrous locks.

Share your personal remedies and ideas on how you manage to flaunt your beautiful tresses while fighting the frizz without destroying them further. Comment in the box below.

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