It is very difficult to handle greasy hair. And this condition makes your hair appear dirty and unhealthy all the time. The main reason behind this hair condition is the excess production of sebum in the hair. However, there are several other factors that lead to his hair condition. So, in this article, we have shared some reasons why you have greasy hair.

  1.  Tied up hair
 Tied up hairImage source: unileverservices

Do you keep your hair tied for a long time? If yes, then this is the habit which is making your hair greasy as it stimulates the production of sebum which can affect your hair health. So, try to keep your hair open to avoid greasy hair condition.

  1. Touching hair too often
Touching hair too oftenImage source: hubspot

Our hands are full of germs and dirt and by touching the hair with them can transfer all the impurities to your scalp which makes your mane appear oily and unhealthy.

  1. Over conditioning of hair
Over conditioning of hairImage source: unileverservices

Conditioning is important for your hair, but it shows results when it is done in the proper way. Always use a little bit of conditioner as excess use of it can result in the excess production of sebum that makes your hair greasy.

  1. Often use hair styling tools
Often use hair styling toolsImage source: nbcnews

Excess use of hair styling tools is not good for your hair as affects the health of your hair and leads to excess production of sebum. So, it is suggested that you should minimise the use hair styling tools.

  1. Over shampooing
Over shampooingImage source: thefoolishobsession

This is another reason for greasy hair. This habit can suck away the natural moisture of the hair and cause excess production of sebum. So, it is suggested that you should wash your hair twice a week.

  1. Use of wrong hair products
Use of wrong hair productsImage source: i.ytimg

Using right hair product is important for maintaining your hair health. And not doing so can affect your tresses badly. If you already have oily hair, then using the right product becomes even more important.

So, these were the few reasons why you have greasy hair.