Office politics is something no can escape at the workplace. From cunning co-workers to biased managers, we all have to deal with such people at the workplace. Office politics is something which is present in every organization and in some cases, it can become a bit tricky and stressful. But, you don’t need to worry as you can tackle such situations effectively. So, here we are sharing some ways to deal with office politics that might help you in the long run.

1. First, observe the situation

First, observe the situationImage Source: themuse

Before you start panicking and start to indulge yourself, it is better to first analyze the situation and know what exactly is going on. Try to have a conversation with your co-worker and know what exactly is going in your team and what are they demanding. Once you have a clear picture of the situation, you can easily decide what you can do to save your position.

2. Build your network in the right way

Build your network in the right wayImage Source: picdn

Always try to maintain a friendly relationship with your co-workers. Let your work do the talking as it is the only thing that will help you earn the respect in your team. Try to build a good equation with the powerful employees of the organization instead of being the part of a particular group.

3. Beware of cunning colleagues

Beware of cunning colleaguesImage Source: theglobeandmail

While it is essential to maintain good relations with the people who indulge in office politics, but you also need to maintain a safe distance from them. Always think twice before you say anything in front of them as they can use it against you. Besides this, always try to understand their motives and then, plan a strategy to handle them.

4. Talk it out

Talk it outImage Source: exploreabout

Well, there is no better way to resolve an issue. Try to have a conversation with the person you have issues with and ask them about the things which are bothering them. In this way, you can figure out the perfect solution to resolve issues between you two, and it might also help to bring a change in work culture.

5. Keep a check on your behaviour

Keep a check on your behaviourImage Source: expatwoman

Always try to keep your behavior good. Make sure you avoid gossips and not be someone who judges people and spread rumors. Always remember this that your integrity is in your own hands and make sure that you don’t go down to a level which does not suit your pride. Plus, always maintain a positive attitude.

So, these were the few ways to deal with office politics.

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