In the recent time, Bollywood gave us some amazing female-oriented stories that not only celebrated sisterhood but also portrayed the issues faced by the women in the society. Now, we can finally say that Bollywood now has realized the potential of the women-oriented movies. There were some movies that were critically acclaimed, and some were a success commercially. And we are hoping that in 2018, we will get to see some more amazing movies like these on-screen. Wondering what are some of these movies? So, here is the list of movies that you must watch with your girlfriends.

1. Tumhari Sulu

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A fantastic movie of Vidya Balan that taught to celebrate the ordinary woman. And no wonder Vidya played her role very well in the movie.

2. Dear Zindagi

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Another masterpiece of Gauri Shinde which taught us that the true strength lies in being real, and also, explored the importance of the mental health. And with no doubt, Alia did a wonderful job in the movie as Kyra.

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3. Parched

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Known as the thought-provoking movie which is written and directed Leena Yadav. The story might seem bit dark at times but in the last sisterhood is what makes this movie amazing.

4. NH10

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Directed by Navdeep Singh, this is Anushka Sharma’s first movie as a producer. In this movie, she appeared in a badass avatar who fight against the patriarchy.

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5. Angry Indian Goddesses

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The best part of the movie is the amazing star cast. Though the plot of the movie has the common bachelorette trip which goes wild still the movie manages to throw light on some issues which were quite relevant to women.

6. Bobby Jasoos

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Samar Shaikh’s Bobby Jasoos is a movie that reminds us our childhood dream of being a detective. This movie was not only entertaining but was exciting too.

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7. Queen

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Vikas Bahl’s Queen is a movie which celebrates female friendships and also makes us realize there is nothing wrong to be the real you. And, no wonder Kangana is a delight in this movie.

So, these were the few movies that you must watch with your girlfriends.

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