Top 7 Excuses For People To Skip Workout

When it comes to skipping workouts, people like to go all out with their innovative excuses. But it doesn’t matter how much they try to justify it, these reasons are not substantial enough to make you skip your workout. Below we have mentioned top 7 excuses which people use to skip their workout.

1. Not getting enough sleep- In order to gain something, you have to give up on something. So in order to comply with your morning workout routine, you may have to give up on your long sleeping hours. Sometimes because of the lack of sleep, you may feel sleepy during the day time. But in order to ensure enough sleep make sure to go to the bed early and this way you don’t have to skip the workout.

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2. Sore from the previous workout session- Being sore from a previous workout is not an apt reason for skipping your workout. When you are sore after a workout it means that your body worked really hard and that is why your muscles are sore. Many people take it in another way thinking that their body is not responding well to the workout and stop performing the workout. But instead of quitting exercise you should try to alternate it with stretching and light exercises. This is the best way to treat sore muscles.

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3. Just tired- Another very common excuse for skipping a workout is the complaint of being tired. What people do not understand is that exercise does not make you feel tired or lethargic. In fact, it infuses your body with a lot of energy preparing for the day. So if you are feeling tired your workout routine is definitely not the reason causing it. But if you continue to feel tired make sure to consult your doctor for any underlying reasons.

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4. Being on periods- It is not advisable to carry out any strenuous exercises during your periods but that does not mean that you cannot perform any exercise at all. There are certain exercises which can actually help in relieving the menstrual pain. In fact, if you workout on a regular basis it can actually lower the pain intensity.

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5. Eating sensibly- Some people think that if they eat mindfully and in moderation they can skip a workout. We are very much aware of the fact that weight loss is dependent on 80% on your diet and 20% on the workout. So if you are thinking that maintaining your diet solely will help you in losing weight you are totally wrong. Exercising not only help in losing weight but also aids in the healthy functioning of your overall body and heart.

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6. Trying to get pregnant- There are a lot of myths associated with exercising in general and according to one such myth is that intense exercising interferes with your prospect of getting pregnant. A lot of women who used to exercise on a regular basis give up exercising as soon as they conceive. When in reality you can continue your exercise even after getting pregnant with the consultation of your doctor and trainer.

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7. The absence of gym buddy- Just as your life your fitness journey too is just yours and you cannot always have someone by your side to accompany you. Though it is always good to have a partner in your life as well during the exercise routine but there is no way you can rely on them solely. This way your workout routine may get affected adversely. So if you have someone to accompany you, great, if not then also it shouldn’t be a big deal.

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