For most of the working women, getting ready for office is a big task. Most of the times, they either run out of time or in hurry to reach office, which later affects their makeup. And we all know this fact that makeup done at last minute does not last for long. So, all the busy ladies out there, we have listed some beauty hacks that will help you to look perfect.

Here is the list of beauty hacks for working women:

1. Dry your hair with an old T-shirt

Dry-your-hair-with-an-old-T-shirtimage source: justcurly

If you are running out of time and don’t have time to blow dry your hair, then wipe your hair with a cotton t-shirt. As cotton t-shirts absorb more water than a towel and make your hair dry faster.

2. Thicker lashes with some baby powder

Thicker-lashes-with-some-baby-powderimage source: beautyepic

If you don’t have time for fake lashes then you can try out this hack. Just dab some baby powder on the lashes before you apply mascara for thick lashes.

3. Treat acne with ice

Treat-acne-with-iceimage source: boldsky

This is a quick hack to reduce redness and swelling of the acne. Just apply ice on the affected area and it will instantly soothe the irritated area.

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4. Mix serum with moisturizer

Mix-serum-with-moisturizerimage source: southeast

This hack will help you to look refreshing even without applying makeup. Take some moisturizer and add few drops of foundation or serum to it to make your own BB cream.

5. Baking soda to treat body odour

Baking-soda-to-treat-body-odourimage source: stylecraze

If you run out of deodorant, then just dab some baking soda under your arms to keep odour at bay.

6. Get rid of tired eyes

Get-rid-of-tired-eyesimage source: i.ytimg

Went out to a late-night party and you woke up with dull and tired eyes.  Well, then this hack is best for you. Just apply white colored eye pencil on your lower rim followed by brown kohl and liner.

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7. Strobing

Strobingimage source: theurbanlist

Strobing is a quick way to highlight the key features of your face. Use a highlighter on the T-zone, brow bone and above the cheekbone.

8. Keep petroleum jelly handy

Keep-petroleum-jelly-handyimage source: htv

Don’t have time for pedicure and manicure? Then, just apply some petroleum jelly  on your feet and hands and then cover it with thick socks. Next morning, you will get smooth hands and feet.

So, these were the few beauty hacks for working women.

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