Singhare Ki Poori

Try This Amazing Recipe Of Singhare Ki Poori At Home


Singhare Ki Poori is a very famous traditional North Indian dish which is prepared with singhare ka atta. This recipe is usually prepared during upwas and vrat. This recipe is very good for your health as it has various vital nutrients. The Singhare Ki Poori is mainly accompanied with vrat ki sabzi.

So, let’s started with the recipe of Singhare Ki Poori.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Total time: 30 minutes

Serves: 4 pooris

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Ingredients needed for Singhare Ki Poori:

• Water- 1/4th cup
• Oil- 2 tablespoons and for frying
• Green chili (chopped)- 1 teaspoon
• Jeera powder- 1 tablespoons
• Singhare ka atta- 2 cups
• Potato (peeled)- 1
• Rock salt- for taste

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Now, how to prepare Singhare Ki Poori:

• First, take a boiled potato and mince it in a bowl.
• Now, add singhare ka aata to the bowl.
• Then, add green chili, rock salt, jeera powder, a teaspoon of oil.
• Mix all the ingredients well.
• Gently knead the mixture into firm dough.
• Now, divide the dough into equal parts and roll into small balls.
• Then, grease the rolling pin with oil.
• Roll the small balls into flat pooris.
• Now, heat oil in the pan for frying.
• Once it is hot enough add the flat pooris in the oil.
• Then, flip it to another side till it turns golden brown.
• Remove all the pooris out of the pan.
• Your Singhare Ki Poori is now ready to be served.

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