A healthy looking skin has a natural glow and dewiness to it which is certainly incomparable. But you have to be really lucky in order to attain that natural glow. If you are not that lucky then you can try these 5 tips to add that natural glow to your makeup.

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1. For adding that instant dewy glow to your makeup, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil (lavender, rosehip, avocado, etc.) to your foundation. This will add a luminosity to your makeup making you glow instantly. Unlike highlighters this glow will look natural and the essential oils will also nourish your skin while you are wearing makeup.

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2. You can also use the trusty coconut oil in order to add that natural glow. The good thing about coconut oil is that it solidifies at room temperature. Apply a teeny tiny bit on the cheekbones, brow bone and the bridge of your nose to add a soft highlight. As coconut oil is non-comedogenic you can be assured that it won’t cause you acne or breakouts.

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3. If you do not have coconut oil, then you can also use petroleum jelly to make your skin glow. You can apply petroleum jelly on your lips to add a glossy finish to them. you can also use the Vaseline on your nose, cheekbones and chin to highlight them. but make sure to so that with a very light hand. Just dip your finger in the Vaseline and very lightly swipe it across the high points of your face.

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4. If you don’t want to do much then you can skip all the above-mentioned steps. One of the best ways to make your skin look dewy and glowy is by using a foundation which has a dewy finish. There are a lot of foundations in the market which will give you that luminous glow.

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5. The most trusted and preferred method to add a glow to your face is by using a highlighter. With a fan brush, apply the highlighter on the highest points of your face which includes your cheekbones, brow bone, cupid’s bow, bridge of your nose and the centre of the forehead. But make sure to invest in a good quality highlighter which does not have chunky glitter in it.

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