5 Useful Hacks That You Can Do in Office to Remain Healthy


For all the working peeps office have become their second home as they spend most of their time working there. So, it is obvious that the time spent at the workplace has a huge impact on your health. Everything that you do in office, right starting from eating to sitting on a chair can affect your health. And if you fall sick frequently and don’t know what to do? Read on further and make some minor changes in your lifestyle to avoid sickness.

Here is the list of things that you can do at your workplace to avoid sickness:

1. Give your eyes a break

Give-your-eyes-a-breakimage source: bodyhacks

Most of the people who work on computers continuously complain about a headache which also affects their eyesight. And if you are also the one who suffers from this problem then you just need to follow a trick by keeping an arms distance between you and your computer. And if you have a problem in reading just increase the font size.

2. Avoid coffee

Avoid-coffeeimage source: skinnyms

We all love coffee but it is also important to limit its intake. Ya, it sounds tough but you have to do this. And remember one thing never start your day with a cup of coffee. Instead, have a glass of water. And if you feel like drinking it then avoid excess sugar and cream.

3. Try to breathe in clean air

Try-to-breathe-in-clean-airimage source: htv

Most of us don’t realize this but your workplace air can be toxic. According to the study of Harvard University, “It is almost impossible to find out allergies spreading around. It can be because of furniture, carpet which can lead to rashes and headaches”. And the poor ventilation can also lower the level of fresh air. But you can do one thing at your office. You just need to take out some time and take a walk around your workplace premises which has more greenery. You can also take a deep breath by standing outside.

4. Keep sanitizer handy

Keep-sanitizer-handy1image source: thestreet

The keyboard and the mouse are the storehouses of bacteria. And if you really want to escape sickness then start keeping your sanitizer handy. This trick will not only keep the bacteria at bay but will also help in preventing allergies and viral infections that most people suffer from working in office.

5. Don’t sit for too long

Dont-sit-for-too-longimage source: theoinks

Well, most of the people after hearing this say that it is almost impossible because there is loads of work. But if you keep sticking to your desk it will cause more damage to your health. So, if you have a deskwork it is very important that you walk for at least 2 hours in a day to avoid health problems. And the trick to do this at your workplace is just by taking a washroom break and stretching a bit in there.