One-Sided Love

Wasting Time On The Wrong Guy? Check Out The Signs Of Being In One-Sided Love

Being in love is a beautiful feeling as it changes everything around you. It is beautiful till you realise that it was just a one-sided love. Most of the people try to impress their love and take on every possible chance to take their relationship forward but later it only results in disappointment.

You will not realise it in the initial stage but later you will know that the person was not apt for you. It is better to move on and find love somewhere else where you are loved for who you are and the person who cares for you.

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Here are some signs that show you are in one-sided love and it’s high time to move on:

1. You start stalking

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Whether it’s online or offline you always keep a check on their whereabouts. You keep checking their online profiles and also their friend circles. And this is the first sign of one-sided love.

2. Daydreaming

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According to second sign of one-sided love, you will always daydream about the person you love. He or she crosses over your mind all the time. Every single minute you think about them and start imagining of being with them.

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3. You feel depressed

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When you message him/her you don’t get the answer promptly but when others get the response instantly and after knowing this fact, you feel sad as if you don’t matter to the person. And this is another sign of being in one-sided love.

4. You start to inquire

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Fourth sign of one-sided love, you start to inquire about him/her from her friends and you didn’t get much info and you feel sad.

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5. You don’t take the rejection

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This sign of one-sided love is basically related to obsession. Even after getting a rejection from that person you still have a belief that he will come back to you one day. But that’s not true.

6. Being ignored on calls

Being ignored on callsimage source:

And the last sign of one-sided love the person you love never calls you out and when he/she picks the calls makes excuses of being busy and shows no interest in your talk and later you feel dejected.

So, these were a few signs that show that you are in one-sided love and it’s high time for you to realise that this is not love but an obsession and it’s better to find love somewhere else now.

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