Smart Ways to Use Old Socks

Ways to Use Old Socks

While cleaning up our wardrobe. we mostly find an old pair of socks which we have no idea what to do with. But, instead of throwing them away considering useless, you can use them smartly for various things. Today, in this article, we have listed some brilliant ways to use old socks.

1. Clean windows

Clean windowsImage Source: mykidstime

Due to its rough surface, socks work as a great mop to clean the kitchen slabs and windows. And the best way to clean the windows is scrubbing the window glasses with socks soaked in soap and drying it with an old newspaper.

2. Body scrubber (One of the smartest ways to use old socks)

 Body scrubber (One of the smartest ways to use old socks)Image Source: pinimg

For this, you just need to place soap in the old sock and then wear it on your hand to scrub it over your body. This hack works effectively because the rough surface of the sock easily removes the dead skin cells. Apart from that, this sock scrubber works for a longer period of time as compared to the regular loofah.

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3. Treat sore muscles

Treat sore musclesImage Source: healthline

If you have sore muscles, then this hack will definitely work for you. Just add some rice to the old socks and microwave it for a few seconds. Now, apply this sock on the affected area and use it as a heating pad.

4. Keep puzzle pieces together

 Keep puzzle pieces togetherImage Source: ignatianspirituality

Are you struggling to keep the puzzle pieces of your kids organized? Well, we have found a solution. Just take an old sock and place all the puzzle pieces in it and tie up.

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5. Use it as an ice pack

Use it as an ice packImage Source: thestay-at-home-momsurvivalguide

It is generally suggested that you should not apply an ice pack directly on the skin as there are chances that you might get a frostbite. So, the best way to use an ice pack is by covering it with an old sock.

So, these were the few ways to use old socks.