WEDDING CORNER: These Are The 5 Gifts That No Bride Wants To Accept


The wedding is the most special day for a bride because of many reasons and what makes this day more special is the surprise that a girl gets in a form of gift. But as a bride have you ever felt that the gift you got could have been better? And have you felt distressed after unwrapping a gift? Well, we have found a few gifts that are most annoying and no girl wants to receive it on her wedding day.

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Here are a few gifts that no bride wants to receive on her special day:

1. Chaandi ka sikka (Silver coins)

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It is one of the most common and annoying gift that a bride receives on her wedding day. Most people gift it as a token of good luck to the bride and groom. But trust me guys this is most under rated gift.

2. Towels

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This gift is the most horrifying one. Like who gifts a bride a towel on her wedding. And to make it shabbier, guests add the initials of the name to the towel and even add hearts and images of cupid on the towel. I can just hope that no bride receives such gift.

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3. Kitchen appliances

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One of the most common gifts that are presented by the guests to the bride and groom on their special day. A bride opens a gift with a hope to get a beautiful present but after unwrapping the gift she gets a kitchen appliance with the guest name imprinted on it.

4. Cup sets

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Every bride dreams to get a gift which cheers her up and make her happier but on the other hand, she is loaded with an excess of tea cup sets as a gift for her wedding. This is so ancient man!

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5. Sculpture of god

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On the wedding day, the brides and grooms are flooded with the sculpture of gods and goddesses. Just think for once that how many sculpture they can stock up in her home. So, think twice gifting these idols to a bride.

So, these were a few gifts that no bride expects to receive on her wedding day.

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