Weird Fashion Trends

11 Weird Fashion Trends That Will Make You Laugh Hard

Fashion is all about wearing the clothes in which you feel comfortable.Well, that’s what fashion means to me. But with the time the fashion is changing or maybe it is also losing some common sense. In the last few months, we have witnessed some weird fashion trends that will surely make you crazy, and laugh at the same time.

So, scroll down and check the latest fashion.

1. Hoof shoes

Hoof shoesImage source:

Seriously guys!

2. Clear-knee mom jeans

Clear-knee mom jeansImage source:

Now, our knees also need a special window.

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3. Double jeans

Double jeansImage source:

Oh really! then, where is the zipper.

4. Muddy pants

Muddy pantsImage source:

The worth of this dirty pant is $425 which is Rs.27000 in Indian rupees.

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5. Chicken leg pants

Chicken leg pantsImage source:

Who can come up with an idea like this?

6. Knee-high denim boots

Knee-high denim bootsImage source:

But, why?

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7. Straw hat dress

Straw hat dressImage source:

The best option for the ones who accidentally lost their clothes.

8. Duvet poncho

Duvet ponchoImage source:

Perfect option for those who always find a way to take a nap.

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9. Over-sized sleeves

Oversized sleevesImage source:

After wearing this how a person is supposed to eat and drink.

10. All plastic pants

All plastic pantsImage source:

This is surely going to save you from monsoons.

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11. Car mat skirts

Car mat skirtsImage source:

A brilliant way to utilize car mats. WOW!

So, these were the few weird fashion trends that I’m sure that you laughed really hard seeing this.


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