Winter Fashion: Choose the Boots According to Your Leg Shape

We all love boots, isn’t it? And there is nothing right or wrong when it comes to choosing the boots for ourselves. But do you know that there is a well-defined guide which tells you how to choose boots according to your leg shape? There are some tips which you should keep in your mind before choosing your boots. But it is just an advice, you can always choose the ones which look flattering on you.

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1. Curvy Calves
If you have extra fat or muscles near your calf area, then you should avoid the pull-up boots. Don’t put your calves into the restrictive spaces. Steer clear from boots with elastic or buckles near the calf region. Choose the style of the boot which have wide calf-region. If you want to wear shorter boots, then you can wear the ones with chunky heels. Stick to the ankle height then.

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2. Thin Calves
If your calves are thin, then wear a pair of boots with laces. Make sure that your boots fit perfectly on your leg and you don’t need to pull it up every now and then. You can wear the boots with tall ankle or the ones which end a little below your calves. Over the knee boots can also be an option.

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3. Short Legs
In case you are short heighted, you can wear heeled boots. But you can see that every single short girl can be seen wandering around in heels all day. You can also wear flat boots. There are no hard and fast rules that short girls can’t wear flat boots. The boots with the dip at the front or sides can be a great pick for you. If you’re opting for long boots, then pick the boots which cling to your legs. This will give an illusion of long legs. An added zipper can be of advantage.

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4. Long Legs
Having long legs doesn’t mean that you can’t wear heels. You can wear over the knee flat boots to look like Kate Moss. But long-line ankle boots with mid heels will flatter your long legs.

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