Work Stress and Smoking!!!

Ever asked a smoker why he smokes? He would probably chuckle. He himself is clueless about the answer. A myth among the guys says every smoker is may be hurt, dumped, stressed or depressed. A myth after all is a myth, but it’s a true fact in some cases. Whenever they can’t handle the stress, they resort to cigarette to blow it a way with the smoke!!!

That’s all very dramatic but true for some smokers. Statistics however tell a different story. The desire for smoking may start in college, but at that time it is nothing more than a different experience. The working conditions for a person are the main triggers for smoking to become a habit. Most of the people choose tobacco to get rid of the mental pressure, but what they fail to realize that the thing which is beating out stress is slowly killing them too.

You join in a company as a trainee, finish the training, become an employee and earn a good salary. But the specialty of the MNCs lies in the fact that they make you work a lot more than you need to. You are given multiple tasks to handle and targets to be achieved within the specified deadline. After all of this, you almost forget the joy of having a job and what stays your mind is just stress, stress and stress.

The fear of losing the job, the guilt of being insulted by your seniors and the remorse of not getting promotions, pay-raise, family problems and financial tensions!!! All of these further add to your reasons to be stressed. At certain stage, the pain crosses the threshold and you need something to get your mind at rest. This is where you may get excited to smoke a cigarette. Once you take a puff, the nicotine acts on your body to get your mind at peace. As you face similar hard situations at your workplace, the urge for smoking increases.

You won’t even realize that within a few months you have turned in to a regular smoker!!!

What to do to avoid it?

  • Choose a job which satisfies you the most rather than the one which pays more and keeps you stressed all the time.
  • Instead of smoking, try meditation and yoga at home to get rid of work stress.

Work stress cannot be avoided. It has to be dealt with patience. You should resort to healthy means to get relief from stress.

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