YES or NO: Does ghee have an expiry date?


There are many people who prepare ghee at home. The ghee is obtained by gently simmering butter and this process is sure stinky enough to drive people away from homes but the taste is worthful. But have ever imagined about the shelf life of the ghee? Does it have an expiration? Or what is the best way to store it?
Let’s find out…

1. This thing applies to all kinds of ghee

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We usually buy ghee from stores which usually comes with a tag of best before.
But this information is applicable to all kinds of ghee, cultured, spiced and other things too.

2. How to store homemade ghee?

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The storage of the homemade ghee depends on the quantity of the ghee. If it is made with the purpose to consume for a long time like 3 months then it is better to store it the refrigerator. You can also transfer it to a container and store it. And if you keep it in the kitchen then make sure that you are keeping it in a cabinet away from direct light.

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3. Expiry of homemade ghee

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The homemade ghee can be stored for a year and even beyond that as there will be no change in the smell or its appearance. But, the ideal duration to use ghee is, a year. And you should store it in the refrigerator if the period is more than 3 months.

4. Storage

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If you are storing the ghee in an air tight container then keep it in a kitchen cabinet in the spot which is dark and cool.

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5. What about ghee expiry?

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When the ghee is jarred in an airtight container then it can be used for a year after opening. And if you bought it from the store and if you have not opened it till the “use by date” still you can use it after that date as it will be good condition.

6. Tips to remember for storage

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Always make sure that you store ghee in a clean and dry vessel. And always use a clean and dry spoon to take it out.

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7. Ideal way to consume

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Well, if you want to know the ideal way to consume ghee then it is better to consult a practitioner. But you should include it in your diet as it has many health benefits

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