The worst part of ageing is, it is inevitable. There’re no turning tables around when it comes to ageing. As the years pass by, all the women get concerned about the marks, this passing time leaves on their face. No one is ever left untouched by time. But we are not going to drop our guns so easily. We’ll find every possible way to fight these ageing issues.

You’d jump on your couch if I break it to you that there is an effective solution to end or at least slow down these problems. A natural alternative!

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Yes, none other than the most overlooked leaves of guava can offer you a number of beauty benefits. Don’t believe me? Read on further and try it yourself to confirm the fact. You must have heard about guava leaves for cancer prevention and anti-bacterial properties. But the beauty benefits it has for us, still remain unsung.

These guava leaves (Amrood ke patte) which you’ve been tossing away in the bin have a lot more to give than you can imagine. Come on, let us get our minds clear on that.

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How Is It Effective In Reducing Wrinkles?
The tiny miscreants which are majorly responsible for causing wrinkles are free radicals. And the number of these miniature species can be reduced with the help of anti-oxidants. And to your surprise, the guava leaves have all for you!

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Does It Really Reduce Dark Spots?
The guava leaves have the natural toning properties which effectively reduces dark spots and blemishes. The antibacterial properties of the leaves eliminate the bacteria which cause skin problems.

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How to Use Them?
There are more than one to use the amazing leaves for your beauty benefits. The easiest one being using it as a tonic. It sounds complicated, but in actual it is very easy to make.

Ways To Get Rid Of Forehead Wrinkles

You only have to crush a small number of guava leaves and put it in some boiling water. Boil the leaves in water till the leaves turn blackish brown. After it is blackish, take it out and let the water cool down a bit. Store this water in a spray bottle. Use a cotton ball to apply this tonic on your face. Leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

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Do this trick twice a week to get considerable results. If you sense any tingling sensation on your face after using this tonic, then rinse it off straight away and stop using it.

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